#veganuary (part 2) – Redemption Bar review

Redemption Bar

“You heard about this vegan restaurant in old street? Supposed to be really healthy”.

It was Friday – a day my colleague and I decided would be our time for eating out. I’d really grown to really appreciate our little tradition, as bonding over food really helps to distract me from small talk (and the anxiety that comes with it – introvert life, for you).

I peeped the 100% vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free and alcohol-free menu online and my interest was piqued:

“1 ok clock OK?”

The venue is intimate: monochrome minimalist décor with accents of green from teeny plant centerpieces, and floor to ceiling glass windows, which really opened the room up. The team also had a nice early 90s Erykah Badu playlist playing the entire time we were there, so a brilliant vibe was set from the onset.

I opted for the ranch beans on toast, which was smoked paprika/tomato pinto beans on flaxseed bread and sliced avocado for the finish. They had loads of other sumptuous dishes I had my eye on, though, varying from simple (wild mushroom black rice risotto) to pretty interesting (sweetcorn & red pepper pancakes) and downright mouth-watering (ginger spiced pumpkin pie on a nut-free base).

Redemption bar claim to source the highest quality, freshest ingredients from local sources. No surprise that I was unable to get through my entire meal when you consider how filling wholesome unprocessed food tends to be.

It made for a nice snack the following day.

Food style: vegan, sugar-free and wheat-free

Price: ££

Vibe: An alfresco vibe without direct exposure to the elements. Good for brunch or a light lunch.

Location: 320 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DR

Contact info:

*photos taken on a Samsung Galaxy

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