30 days; 30 updates.

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Things have been a little quiet round here, as there are a couple of things bubbling under the surface. All positive, though! Expansion and consistency is the name of the game, so watch this space…

This 30 day blogging challenge came at the right time – loving the idea of just flowing and churning out content consistently. I’ll be using Wayera‘s 30 day challenge, and will be updating daily on this post only.

Enjoy x

Day 1: What is the story behind your blog name?

‘Elisia’ is my given name and ‘Traveller’ signifies the significant physical and spiritual journeys I’ve been on in the last few years. I’m contemplating a name change, though, so watch this space…

Day 2: On black women curating my life…

The people who consistently hold space for me, challenge me, reprove me and inspire me are black women. Black women have prayed for and over me. Black women have influenced my style and aesthetic. Black women make me feel safe.

Day 3: Favourite black women musicians

Do I list all of them? Like, this such a cruel question to ask! Erm…I’m going to keep it simple: Erykah Badu. Ethereal, hypnotic, witty, a visionary, a pisces [dope people] and a certified doula. Extraordinary woman.

Day 4: Romantic date ideas for the minimalist


  1. Food – Southbank food market for confit duck burger or a falafel wrap.
  2. DrinkRoyal Festival Hall for a glass of red near the Clore Ballroom. Weather permitting, take it outside towards the river to people watch.
  3. Stroll – A walk along the embankment (hand holding optional).
  4. Art – Tate Modern (hand holding compulsory).


  1. Movie night – takeaway and a bottle. Watch the movie. You must watch the movie 😉

Day 5: My Favourite Films

  1. Being John Malkovich
  2. Leon
  3. Sukkar Banat (Caramel)
  4. Beloved
  5. Our idiot brother
  6. Midnight in Paris
  7. Bamboozled
  8. Do the right thing
  9. Friday
  10. Malcolm X
  11. She hate me
  12. Paris is burning
  13. Coming to America
  14. Romy and Michele’s highschool reunion
  15. Clueless
  16. The Truman Show
  17. Two can play that game
  18. Practical Magic
  19. The Craft
  20. Moonlight

Day 6: My stance on romantic relationships

I’m not quite sure what this question is asking me? Or maybe I’m just over complicating it? I think romantic love is beautiful. I’m not sure if or when I’ll be in a relationship again, but this is only because I’ve reached a place where I want to let things be as they’re meant to be. No timelines. Ease. No resistance or fear. Meditating on this has given me a lot of peace – to see a relationship as a life bonus, as opposed to a life goal. I always seem to cross paths with someone when I’m not focused on being someone’s something. There’s something in that…

Maybe he’s here already?

Day 7 (07/04/17): Good things I’ve done in the past 24 hours

Cancelled meeting up with someone cos I realised I’d be seeing them solely because they wanted to see me, as opposed to me genuinely wanting to hang out (obligation). Was honest. Wanted to write and be alone, tbh. Living authentically is good. Friends are deserving of honesty.

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