A chinese countryside road-trip!

My Chinese language teacher is a 5ft4 sprightly middle-aged woman who I often studied curiously: hands held staunchly behind her back as she would shuffle on small feet to and from the chalkboard; eyes that scanned her foreign students with mild amusement; her habit of pausing to write a word before deciding she’d prefer to have an off-topic chat; and then there was the permanent fixture that was her glass tea flask – a sip of the murky green liquid, and a couple of belches thrown in for good measure.

One morning, she announced to the class that an old friend – who she had only met a few times, mind you – had a big house a few hours outside of Nanjing city, and they delightfully agreed [were coerced] to host our entire class for a full day of feasting, Chinese conversation practice and touring their local village. We would be taking a long-distance bus to a metro station to then be picked up by one of their family members in a mini bus. The following is what I captured of the day’s adventures…



Our hosts were super generous, and if you know anything about how well the Chinese handle dinner parties you’ll know we were fattened, watered and forced to take tons of sweet things to nibble on on our journey back home. A much needed break from uni work. Thanks, teacher!


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